List of Apps to Develop your Vocabulary


It feels great to use a complicated word and match it accurately to what you are trying to say. It is the same feeling you get when you fit in the last piece of a jigsaw puzzle. If you are a writer, for example, one of your most valuable assets is an expansive vocabulary. Many apps available today can help you develop your vocabulary. Online resources like College Paper Editing can also help you improve your vocabulary.

Having a strong vocabulary will help make you a better communicator and author. Many experienced writers stop working on developing their vocabulary since they think they know everything there is to know. This, however, is a huge mistake because there are always new words and meanings to learn.

Benefits of Developing your Vocabulary

  • Ability to express yourself or state something clearly
  • Ability to use effective and powerful language that will articulate your thoughts or vision
  • Ability to understand the true meaning of something
  • It leads to enlightenment and the spread of knowledge
  • Ability to impress people with your erudition
  • Ability to express your opinions and beliefs without language restriction
  • It improves language fluency
  • It can be the key to success in both school and work
  • It improves your power of persuasion

With the huge number of apps on the market today, it is difficult to separate the most useful from, well, the inane. While many people enjoy starting a farm or shooting annoyed birds from a sling using their phones, others choose to download and use enriching apps that offer a bit more. Apps designed to develop users’ vocabulary, for example, offer a more intellectual distraction.

Vocabulary building apps help users have fun while learning new words. From flashcard quiz apps to scrabble-style apps, there are tons of iPhone and Google apps designed to increase people’s verbiage in a fun manner, and within a relatively short period. Below is a list of apps to develop your vocabulary.

Using a complex algorithm designed to modify exercises based on user replies or input, this app helps users learn new vocabulary using simple games and quizzes. You can download free and use it to discover and decipher new words and meanings.

7 Little Words

This vocabulary-enhancing app gives users seven different explanations together with tiles with different letters to arrange into meaningful words. When a user guesses the right word, the collection of tiles will narrow down, and he/she will learn a new word in the process.

Words with Friends

This is a very addictive vocabulary improvement app. It has been around for more than ten years and is still popular today for a good reason. It allows users to learn new and rare words while having fun with friends at the same time.

A Word a Day Widget

This simple vocabulary-enhancing widget reveals a new, often unusual word on your phone’s home screen every day. This will encourage you to find out the meaning of the word, which will expand your vocabulary.


You can look at this android app as a flashcard quid for your phone. This powerful app improves your vocabulary using timed tests that require players to match the right multiple-choice definition to the right word. You can even compete against your friends if you want to show off your language prowess.

This list of apps to develop your vocabulary will help you understand difficult terminology, flow with the jargon, and take in the idiolect. Better yet, you can use these apps anywhere and at any time. Other popular apps you can use to advance your vocabulary include Anki, Duolingo, reverse dictionary, WordWeb, and Quizlet.

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